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How Website Lead Generation Supports Sales

How Website Lead Generation Supports Sales

At the end of the day, the goals for sales should be to get found early:

Do businesses need a website lead generation program to support sales? Yes

To accomplish this, you need highly valuable educational content that could stand gated behind a landing page, and people would pay to view that content through exchanging their information.

Premium Content

If you think about 10-20 years ago when people were buying a lot of eBooks and special downloadable reports, it was essential to have a good value proposition for people to take out their credit card to buy something even as little as $20.00.

If you look at the big enterprise research companies such as Gartner and Forrester, they still have a valid business model for getting people to pay hundreds (if not, thousands) of dollars for research reports.

Converting Visitors

Think about, what is it going to take for your buyer persona to recognize a problem or potential solution as so hyper-relevant to who they are, that they are dying to find out what your advice is and what you are willing to share. When you do this correctly, they will willingly trade their business card for what is on the other side of that landing page.

It is all relative, it varies, needs to be hyper-relevant to them, and the value proposition must be high. People will give more data to get access to something they perceive as a higher value--such as attending a webinar--compared to something they perceive as less valuable--such as a one-page downloadable planning checklist.

Bottom Line

You need a lead generation program to support most of the above, but the lead generation is not enough. It is critical to be able to segment, score, prioritize, and nurture leads to educate and build trust at scale. 


Does your company’s website support its sales goals with a lead generation program? Let us know in the Comments below. 


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Why Traditional Website Design Fails