The key to generating leads is premium content. For colocation and data centers to attract visitors and convert them into leads, they must develop highly relevant premium content. Improving Lead Generation for Colocation and Data Center Solutions

What is premium content? Joshua Feinberg, Vice President, and Co-Founder of SP Home Run, defines premium content as being, “so good that people are willing to part with their contact information in return for access to it, that’s essentially how they are paying for it.” 

Premium content is not just sitting on a website page for anyone to read, or on YouTube for anyone to watch. This type of content is created so that you can gather leads.

To feed the top of your funnel and gather qualified leads the right way your website must contain, not only educational and premium content, but call-to-actions, landing pages, forms, and thank you pages. These critical additions to your website allow visitors to act on your page if they are interested in your company and content offers. If you do not follow these essential practices, you will have no way to generate leads. 

Set Up Conversion Paths

After you have created your premium content, you need to distribute that content. Since you are providing your ideal customers with extremely valuable content, don’t give it away for free! Realistically, your content is free; the currency they must use is their contact information.

To share your premium content, you must have a call-to-action. A call-to-action (CTA) is a persuasive button that entices your audience to click, allowing them to download content. CTA’s are starting points for conversion paths.

Your objective is to provide content that is relevant to your audience and each stage of the buyer’s journey; not every visitor will be in the awareness stage, they could be in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey. This means you need to have CTA’s that lead to content or other actions which attract to every stage and ideal customer.

Assemble Landing Pages with Forms

Sitting behind any CTA is a landing page with a form; this is where you can gather pertinent information about your visitors or potential leads. Feinberg says, “with highly optimized landing pages, at least 20-30-40% of the people that hit them should be converting and with enough fields that you can fully qualify them.”

There is nothing worse than seeing weak forms; for instance, just having form fields for a first name, last name, and email; this limited amount of information will not tell you whether they are qualified. Be sure your forms are detailed and asking the right information.

Always Say Thank You

It is not only about thanking your online guests for signing up for their free piece of premium content, the thank you page typically contains the downloadable content. After they fill out the required form on the landing page, they transferred to the thank you page where they can download their content and navigate through your company’s website.

It is critical to remember that with the conversion process, you are always focusing on your target or ideal customer. Additionally, keep in mind that many prospects today use their mobile devices to conduct research; you might want to use “smart form technology” which will display a mobile friendly landing page when detected from a mobile device.


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