Which Access Control Systems Blogs Should You Be Reading?Access control systems – in the broader context of identity management, physical security, and IT security – help you regulate who, or what can access a specific place or a specific resource.

When a user’s credentials get presented to a reader, the system compares that user’s credentials against an access control list and decides whether to either allow or block access.

While this very simple, single factor authorization is still prevalent, more sophisticated access control looks for additional authenticating credentials in the form of either:

  • a PIN or passphrase
  • a physical device, such as a smart card
  • something biometric, like a fingerprint

To keep up with the rapidly changing nature of access control systems, here are some blogs that you should be reading:

Ackerman Security Systems Blog

Even home automation companies that typically might only focus on residential security systems are throwing their hats in the ring with access control. For example, the Ackerman Security Systems blog has written about why businesses should have access control systems.

AlertEnterprise Blog

As a provider of physical identity and access management software, AlertEnterprise has blogged about the differences between Physical Identity & Access Management (PIAM) and Physical Access Controls Systems (PACS).

ASSA ABLOY Intelligent Openings: Security Speak Blog

As a global leader in door opening solutions – at the intersection of physical security and access control, the ASSA ABLOY Intelligent Openings: Security Speak Blog has discussed how to improve school security to protect against emergencies and sustainability trends that impact access control.

atlasRFIDstore Blog

Approaching access control from the standpoint of RFID (radio frequency identification), the atlasRFIDstore blog has written about how passive RPID tags can be used for access control – especially as transponders.

Automated Control Systems Blog

As a Kansas City-based provider of building automation and management, the blog for ACS has looked at trends in access control systems, getting the most out of your access control, what features to look for, and workplace benefits.

Brivo Blog

As a provider of cloud-centric physical access control, that enables identity management; the Brivo blog has covered how access control can improve the quality of healthcare in pharmacies and maternity wards.


In addition to its open-source software, cloud services, and hardware for physical security, Genetec’s blog has delved into ease of migrating to an IP-based access control system, the advantages of IP access control for hospitals, and how IP security fights retail theft.


With a focus on smartphone-centric access control, the KISI Blog has created educational content on the five signs that your access control system needs to change.

ProdataKey Blog

As a developer of wireless mesh access control – where doors can communicate with each other up to one mile away, ProdataKey’s blog is mainly publishing news releases on its partnerships with other companies to broaden the reach of its access control solutions.

Security-Net Blog

As part of a security integrator with roots dating back to the 1990s, the Security-Net Blog has published content on the pros and cons of “insourcing” vs. outsourcing your access control system.

Tyco Security Products Blog

With a brand that needs no introduction, the Tyco Security Products blog has content on why everyone should and can have an access control solution.


There you have it. 11 blogs that cover access control.

Did I miss any worthy contenders that ought to be on this list? Feel free to share in the Comments box below.


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